Insurance Appraisers

Commonwealth Adjusters is able to act as an insurance appraiser or umpire under the terms and conditions of the “appraisal” provision of the policy.

The appraisal clause is a contractual provision under the terms and conditions of the policy. Most appraisal clauses in insurance policies provide that if the insurer and the insured cannot agree on the amount of the loss, either party may demand the appraisal. Each party selects their own appraiser and performs their own independent evaluation in establishing the amount of loss.

Prior to the evaluation, an umpire is selected by the appraisers or if the appraisers are unable to select an umpire the Court is petitioned to appoint an umpire. If the two appraisers agree to the amount loss, the appraisal process is concluded. If appraisers cannot agree to the amount of the loss, then the differences to the amount of loss are submitted to the Umpire for resolution. The Umpire’s decision to the amount of loss becomes binding only by a majority agreement.

It’s important to select an appraiser or umpire that is competent and has experience in evaluations of loss of damages being disputed as well as expert knowledge of insurance claims handling.

Commonwealth Adjusters’ extensive experience with documenting insurance losses and valuation of claims has qualified us to serve as competent appraisers and umpires under the appraisal provision of the policy.

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