Water & Freezing Claims

Public Adjuster for Water and Freezing Damage

Leaking and burst pipes cause significant damage. We help homeowners complete the insurance paperwork and document the damage to ensure they get all they’re entitled to.

We Help You Get a Higher Settlement

As you well know, Pennsylvania experiences extremely low temperatures during winter. When the thermometer drops below freezing, your home or business is vulnerable to burst or leaking pipes if they’re not properly insulated. Water damage from plumbing leaks, as well as toilet or tub overflows, or leaky water heaters and home appliances is also a common occurrence.

When your property sustains damage, your homeowner insurance policy should take care of any repairs or necessary replacements. However, insurance companies often delay payment of justified claims, minimize the payout or deny payment altogether. Having a public insurance adjuster on your side presenting your case and handling the required documentation is the best way to ensure you get all that you’re entitled to from your insurance policy.


A Public Adjuster Protects Your Best Interests

How you report a water-damage claim to your insurer can greatly affect how much your insurer pays for repairs. And while not every dripping pipe is a catastrophe, even small leaks can cause mold and property damage.

A public adjuster familiar with water damage can conduct a full and complete assessment to determine the costs for remediation and make the case to your insurer for the maximum payout to which you are entitled. The claims process is complicated and intimidating if you’re not familiar with it. You need someone on your side, a seasoned public adjuster, to act as your advocate in addressing the needed repairs.

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Commonwealth Adjusters is experienced with water damage claims and knowledgeable in construction. We will document all damage in writing and photos to ensure it is taken care of in your claim, relieving you of that burden. Your insurance company is obligated to restore your property to its pre-loss condition. We make them live up to that obligation.

If you’ve experienced damage to your home as a result of a burst or leaky pipe, we can meet with you to discuss your rights as a policy holder, even if you’ve already started the claim process with your insurance company, The consultation is free and can be scheduled at your location and convenience.

We Help You Get a Higher Settlement

As a licensed public adjuster, we work for you, the policy holder – not the insurance company. We can help you to get all that you’re entitled to. The fee we charge is nominal compared to the results we deliver. With more than 55 years of experience, we know what it takes to be successful for claimants.

Here’s how we work:



Contact us to schedule a meeting at your location where we’ll evaluate the fire damages and losses.



We’ll review your insurance policy to determine what water damage is covered, assess your damages and explain your options.



We’ll take photos and create descriptions of the water damage. We’ll also quantify the costs to repair or replace your property.


Complete forms

We’ll handle all insurance forms and paperwork to substantiate your water damage claim. We’ll be in constant communication with your insurance company to keep the process moving along.



We’ll negotiate the settlement amount with your insurance company and ensure you get all that you’re entitled to under your policy.


Expedite payment

We’ll stay on top of your insurance company, pushing for prompt payment of your water damage/burst pipe claim.

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In business since 1964, Commonwealth Adjusters is a family-owned and insurance adjuster. We have a long, successful track record of helping claimants get the largest settlement possible from their insurance company. Let us put our experience as a public adjuster to work for your family or business. Schedule a FREE, no-obligation consultation.