“Before we met Scott we were in an awful situation. We had water damage in our home from two bad leaks. We inherited these issues plus more from the previous homeowners. We contacted an adjuster and a restoration company and they screwed us royally.   We were already displaced from our home with five kids an two dogs for three months an fed up, we had do something. We contacted an attorney who referred us to another attorney. The second attorney told us an adjuster in these cases are better than an attorney they know the ins and outs. We left the attorneys office an Twenty minutes later I’m walking in the front door an Scott calls me. From that moment Scott was on top of these claims. Always an email or a phone call with an update. Never did I have to contact Scott to find out the status of my claims. Scott handled two claims that were an absolute mess from an incompetent adjuster. He got the job done. Both claims approved! I do not know where we would be without him on our side. Scott we cannot thank you enough. Thank you for sticking with it and all your hard work and professionalism from you an your team!! You guys are the BEST!!”

Janine Simone


Effort,  PA

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