“I’ve used a public adjuster in the past because I know that insurance companies often will try to take advantage of people, so when I had a kitchen fire the first thing I did was look up an adjuster. The one I used the other time was retired, so I found Commonwealth Adjusters with a simple google  search and, encouraged by the positive reviews, retained the services of Scott Seeherman. He did an amazing job of dealing with the insurance company with regard to every aspect of the process. I never had to talk to my company at all for any reason. It was absolutely painless, which is very important when you have a traumatic event like a fire or other home damage. Do not underestimate the added stress of dealing with an insurance company.

All in all, we were extremely happy with the settlement Scott got for us and were more than happy we decided to go with him. PS If you are unsure about hiring a public adjuster because of the fee, let me put your mind at ease. It is worth giving up the small percentage even if you were just going to break even money-wise (but you’ll likely do much better than if you try to do it yourself). The stress and worrying that goes along with dealing with an insurance company can wear on you…I know, I tried to do it myself once and I was so brow-beaten by the end of the process and so stressed out over the damage and being displaced from our home that I just gave in and accepted their lowball offer. Never again.

Hiring a public adjuster is an absolute no-brainer, and you cannot possibly go wrong with Commonwealth Adjusters and specifically Scott Seeherman (although I’m sure they are all great). If you have any questions about my experience I will be happy to answer them. Just message me on Google Plus. ”

John Consiglio


Berwick, PA

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