Scott Seeherman appeared from nowhere. Yet he appeared at the right time-my house had a fire while I was home- I barely made it alive, thanks to a neighbor who led me out of the burning house to safety. The fire was on Sunday and on Monday morning I met Scott. He was literally a God sent man. Having no experience in dealing with an insurance company, I was overwhelmed and had no idea how to go about filing the claim, how to do the inventory; what to do next while I just had to grieve. Scott helped me to survive the ordeal by taking over the burden of the claims. He explained everything, and he guided me every step. He found the art appraisers and fine art restoration experts, found Steinway specialists, etc. He was the liaison between me and the insurance company. He also counseled me on many questions of a renovation. I am grateful to Scott for everything he has done for me. He came in at the right time and he did the right thing. He is highly ethical, honest, and straightforward. Always accessible, too. If I ever have another disaster (I hope I won’t), there will be only Scott Seeherman for me. Thank you, Scott!

Lilly Sassoon


Blakeslee, PA

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