Leeann Mathews, Penn Hills, PA

“ I would like to share my experience with Commonwealth Adjusters (Scott Seeherman) in hope that might help others along the way. A few months ago I had a fire in my basement with some substantial damages. While I pay a highly annual premium for my insurance when it came the time that I needed  their help I encountered a lot of negative experience with them. Instead of them being with me, they turned against me and I couldn’t convince them to compensate my losses. Accidentally I learned about Scott Seeherman and his agency (Commonwealth Adjusters) and he handled my case so professionally that I got what I needed and beyond. Without him and his valuable and sufficient experience I would have never been able to achieve what I did. He stood by my case from the first step to last. I came to know Scott by accident but I will stay with him by choice as long as I have properties.”

–Leeann Mathews.
Penn Hills, PA