“Scott came highly recommended by 2 friends of ours. We were getting nowhere with the insurance company. He handled everything for us in a timely manner. Scott got all of the money from the insurance company for us to completely cover all of the damages to our home,plus enough to cover his services. We would … Continue reading Ruth Ann Barna, Monroe Twp PA

Read More Ruth Ann Barna, Monroe Twp PA

“…In the end Scott got us about triple of what he originally estimated. To say we were thrilled would be an understatement…”

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“…Scott went above and beyond what we expected…”

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“…not only did he do a GREAT job in almost doubling the insurance estimate, he is now part of our family…”

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“…Thank you Scott for helping us navigate the days weeks and months of worry; you went above and beyond taking care of everything!”

Read More Joanne Taras, Dallas PA

“…If we ever have a claim with the insurance company again, my first call will be to Scott. We are elated with Thankfulness!…”

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“… We can’t thank Scott enough and will be forever grateful to him…”

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“Commonwealth Adjusters was outstanding ! It was well worth the percentage taken from the settlement…”

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“…Don’t discount the process and the experience that Scott brings-its a call that you will be happy that you made. “

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“Scott Seeherman worked diligently toward an agreed settlement with my insurance carrier, which I’m sure would not have been met without his knowledge and expertise.”

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“…If someone ever needs an adjuster to help them Scott is the go to guy. You will not be disappointed. ..”

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“…We got a considerable larger settlement than we would if we had did this on our own.”

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“Working with Scott has been a pleasure and made dealing with the intricacies of an insurance claim much easier…”

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“…I am so glad that u were recommended to us I don’t know what we would have done without your service….”

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“…I would strongly recommend using them should you ever find yourself in need.”

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“… he was a champion for my interests in every aspect of the claim. He was extremely knowledgeable, thorough and relentless in ensuring that I received the best settlement possible…”

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“…I highly recommend Commonwealth Adjusters for the prompt settlement of all types of insurance claims…”

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” …I immediately engaged Commonwealth Adjusters services and was the best decision that I have made…”

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“…Jay was there for us and fought to get everything that we were owed. He took the financial stress down to almost nothing for us. Please do yourself a favor call Commonwealth and see what they can do for you.”

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“Best thing I ever did was hire Commonwealth Adjusters….”

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“Don’t stress yourself out trying to talk to your insurance company to get them to pay the total cost of repairs, call Scott Seeherman of Commonwealth Adjusters…”

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“…He fought my insurance company and doubled my insurance settlement…”

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“…I cannot thank Commonwealth Adjusters and Scott Seeherman enough. The their service is well worth the price and is hard earned.”

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“…Hiring a public adjuster is an absolute no-brainer, and you cannot possibly go wrong with Commonwealth Adjusters…”

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“…Our family wishes to express our sincere gratefulness to Scott and Commonwealth Adjusters…”

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“…I would not have gotten through dealing with the loss of my home and dealing with the insurance company without their professionalism, knowledge, reassurance, and kindness. ”

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“…I am a firm believer in Commonwealth Adjusters and feel compelled to let others know the invaluable services that they provided me during my catastrophic event. ”

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“…He did a fantastic job in getting us the money we were entitled to from the insurance company. If we were to have handled this claim on our own I can tell you our dollar amount would not have been nearly as much….”

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“…We would highly recommend Commonwealth Adjusters and should the occasion arise that we should need an insurance adjuster we would call them again. ”

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“…I want to thank Mr. Seeherman for his outstanding job. ”

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“…he handled my case so professionally that I got what I needed and beyond. Without him and his valuable and sufficient experience I would have never been able to achieve what I did…”

Read More Leeann Mathews, Penn Hills, PA

“…we received double what the insurance company was willing to pay us for damages. I would use him again…”

Read More David Brague, Pittston, PA

“…while Scott was assessing the damage he was finding items that the company adjuster overlooked…”

Read More Rick Evanoski, Wyoming, PA

“…Kudos to Commonwealth Adjusters and Mr. Seeherman, I will recommend your company and Mr. Seeherman to anyone that needs assistance in the future. ”

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“…I would highly recommend his services to anyone having an insurance claim to file. In the unlikely event we would ever experience another issue we would certainly contract Commonwealth Adjusters services.”

Read More WVIA Television, Pittston, PA

“….I would recommend Scott and his staff to anyone that has incurred an unfortunate case of a property loss.””

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“Best decision , Scott Seeherman is so experienced and as I found out the hard way, the insurance company will take advantage of you and you might not realize it especially during such a stressful time…”

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“…There was no way to be able to do what he did by myself. He did the right thing. He did good. Absolutely recommend him.”

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“…the whole team at Commonwealth Adjusters are extremely professional and easy to talk with about any of your concerns. I would highly recommend their firm to anyone dealing with a insurance related issue.”

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“…His years of experience and knowledge of the laws, insurance, and policy information helped me to obtain the proper amount for my loss and will allow me to rebuild….”

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“…I was about to give up when I read about Commonwealth Adjusters and decided to give them a call – it’s the best decision I could have made…”

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“Jay Seeherman and his company did an amazing job with my insurance case!!!…”

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“I highly recommend the team at commonwealth. We didn’t need to do anything and they paid for their fee 6 times over!”

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