Russ and Debbie Silfee, Hamilton Twp, PA


“We recently had a fire in a commercial rental property we own in the Pocono’s. Living 200 miles away I knew it would be difficult to deal with everything from that distance. We contracted Scott Seeherman to represent us. This turned out to be the best decision I made in a while. Scott handled  the claim in a very professional manor. Every time I had a question he was there to answer it. Every time I was impatient he was there to put things in prospective. He did a fantastic job in getting us the money we were entitled to from the insurance company. If we were to have handled this claim on our own I can tell you our dollar amount would not have been nearly as much. Scott told me in the beginning, your insurance adjuster works for your insurance company, I work for you, and he did. Thank You Scott. ”

– Russ and Debbie Silfee.
Commercial Real Estate Owner
Hamilton Twp, PA